Honoring Gram Parsons Part 2

YES, we now moving ahead with the Induction Ceremony of GRAM PARSONS at Bolles as it has received the blessings of the powers to be!

They are looking at several dates that would coincide with 2015 Homecoming, which is a HUGE event for the school, which is now rated as one of the top high school football teams in the country! When I was there in the early 1960s we could hardly field a team much less win!

Also my Facebook buddy Stephen Dare of Jacksonville’s top online news operation is going to get involved! When I was growing up it was The Florida Times Union and Jacksonville Journal. Stephen surpassed their circulation over 2 years ago!

More in next post! Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson

Welcome Texas Jeans!


Yes it is with GREAT pleasure we welcome ALL USA MADE Texas Jeans as the OFFICIAL jeans of the Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum Inc.

I have been wearing Texas Jeans for well over 2 years after discovering them. They are the BEST fitting and well-made jeans I have ever worn in my 68 years of being on this Planet!

They are the official jeans company for the Academy Awards Swag Bags. They will be worn by every member of our SMHF & M family at our official events. In addition to jeans, Texas Jeans manufactures CAMO shorts that I love too loaded with pockets.

Hugh Simpson

Honoring Gram Parsons Part 1

As I have promised for YEARS, we seem to be getting closer to fulfilling that promise!

I am shooting for an October date this year in my hometown of Jacksonville FL.

Why Jacksonville?

Both Gram and I attended Bolles School and that is where I met Gram. Also that is where Gram began to write his songs and play the guitar. He would gather several of us cadets (at the time it was a military school) and test his songs on us!

If I had only had my iPod Touch then! It is possible that Hickory Wind got its start in those early writings!

So I have been in touch with the powers to be at Bolles to get an okay to do the actual induction ceremony and tribute to Gram at Bolles, where it all began. The initial reaction has been very favorable!

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson

NO Physical Hall of Fame & Museum

Yes you read that correctly!

There will be NO PHYSICAL STAND ALONE facility!

Have you heard of POP UP facilities where marketers LEASE a vacated building for their campaign? The campaign usually does not last more than 30 days. Many are for only 24 hours!

Well our POP UP Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum will be up for 30 days and then move on to another southern city! During that time in addition to the POP UP itself we will join forces with the hosting city to either put on several concerts or help support the existing music festival related to the genres of Southern Music – Gospel, Blues, Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Rock N Roll, Jazz and R&B.

The exhibition will feature video walls, augmented reality, holography and lots of opportunity to interact with the attendees.

“This POP UP concept eliminates the huge expense of maintaining a permanent facility,” said co-founder Hugh Simpson. “Now we can take that money and put it into the newest interactive abilities as featured at the new College Football of Fame in Atlanta.”

“Also it eliminates another problem we have faced over the 23 years of looking for a permanent home – PARKING,” added co-founder Ron Rich. “Now we will let the hosting city deal with that themselves.”

Why We Need SMHF & M!

Today I spent the entire day researching the online digitalized Library of Congress to create the slide show you see HERE.

I was SHOCKED to see how little history of our USA SOUTHERN MUSIC is available! I think you will agree when you watch it! Also the quality of many of their images is awful!

This just is further proof that The Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum is NEEDED!

That is why Ron and I are preparing a CROWD FUNDING proposal to raise the funds for a SMHF & M TRAVELING EXHIBIT!

Stay tuned for more details and also learn how to support the project!

Hugh Simpson

Asheville Meeting Coming Up!

YES Asheville, recently named one of the TOP 10 cities to live in the United States of America, is stepping up to the bat and I think getting ready to hit a GRAND SLAMMER with the Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum!

Movers and shakers in government, business, education and music are coming together for their first meeting on September 11, 2014.

I will keep you updated!

Hugh Simpson


Yes yesterday Ron Rich and I met with Stephanie Brown, Executive Director of Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau. She informed us that she had spoken to the people interested in building an amphitheater in downtown Asheville and they were excited about the possibility of having the SMHF & M as part of that complex.

Asheville will be adding 1,000 new hotel rooms in the next 5 years which is a BIG plus!

Our presentation team will be in Asheville in mid May.

Last night I also learned that Greenville’s director is setting up a meeting with their movers and shakers!

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson

THREE Cities Wooing SMHF & M!

Yes now we have THREE cities wooing us to place our Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum Inc. in their locations.

First is Norcross, Georgia which is located north of downtown Atlanta and home of the Mall of Georgia. There are potentially two locations there that are being considered.

Second is Greenville, South Carolina where our co-founder Harry Turner grew up. Greenville is a very progressive city and now home to Michelin, BMW and the southeast HQ of General Electric. Harry is good friends of the new director of Tourism as they went to high school together.

And finally the newest hat in the ring is Asheville, North Carolina that sees 9,000,000 plus tourists annually past through the city visiting the world famous Biltmore Estate. There new theme is MUSIC and the home of Moog and the Orange Peel. This small music venue which holds less than 900 was selected as the southern city stop off for Smashing Pumpkins!

Stay tuned as we have heard that another city may be throwing their hat in the ring!

Hugh Simpson