Yes yesterday Ron Rich and I met with Stephanie Brown, Executive Director of Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau. She informed us that she had spoken to the people interested in building an amphitheater in downtown Asheville and they were excited about the possibility of having the SMHF & M as part of that complex.

Asheville will be adding 1,000 new hotel rooms in the next 5 years which is a BIG plus!

Our presentation team will be in Asheville in mid May.

Last night I also learned that Greenville’s director is setting up a meeting with their movers and shakers!

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson

THREE Cities Wooing SMHF & M!

Yes now we have THREE cities wooing us to place our Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum Inc. in their locations.

First is Norcross, Georgia which is located north of downtown Atlanta and home of the Mall of Georgia. There are potentially two locations there that are being considered.

Second is Greenville, South Carolina where our co-founder Harry Turner grew up. Greenville is a very progressive city and now home to Michelin, BMW and the southeast HQ of General Electric. Harry is good friends of the new director of Tourism as they went to high school together.

And finally the newest hat in the ring is Asheville, North Carolina that sees 9,000,000 plus tourists annually past through the city visiting the world famous Biltmore Estate. There new theme is MUSIC and the home of Moog and the Orange Peel. This small music venue which holds less than 900 was selected as the southern city stop off for Smashing Pumpkins!

Stay tuned as we have heard that another city may be throwing their hat in the ring!

Hugh Simpson

OFFICIALLY Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum Inc

Yes we are OFFICIALLY a GEORGIA for profit company now.

Also updating the potential locations for a facility we have decided to not look further at the old Atlanta downtown Macy’s building. We thank them for their interest and hospitality.

Yes we are still looking at several locations in Atlanta.

Will keep you updated!

Hugh Simpson

Looking At Old Macy’s Building

Yes our co-founder partners John and Don are meeting at the old Atlanta downtown Macy’s building to discuss the possibilities of locating there! Of course we also have two other developers with two other locations that want us to consider their proposals.

We would only need about 7500 square feet to do the proposed video walls, augmented reality and holography. Kids will not spend one minute looking at the cool memorabilia that I loved to see in glass exhibits! Boring!


As you can see it is a MASSIVE space and we certainly would not need any light whatsoever as we need a BLACKED OUT space!

Will keep you updated!

Hugh Simpson

Board of Directors

The five Co-founders of the organization have also been named as members of the newly formed Board of Directors: John Bevilaqua, Ron Rich, Hugh Simpson, Harry Turner and Don Sherrill. You can learn more about each member HERE

This newly formed Board of Directors headed by John Bevilaqua will be meeting with several Atlanta developers that have expressed interest in having the Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum as an anchor for their projects.

Long time consultant to the co-founders Michael Rothschild has been selected to be on the Board of Advisers.

We Are on A Roll!

Yes, things that we would never expected are finally falling into place!

First, the City of Atlanta seems to be really behind the Hall! Hopefully one of their representatives are going to be at our Southern Music Association meeting October 24th.

We have made contact with Lisa Love, former Executive Director of the now closed Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Lisa now is with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Film & Music and edits the Georgia Music magazine. Lisa supports the Hall!

Atlanta music promoter Dante Gold and son of another world famous music promoter, Gorgeous George, has come on board! He will be at next meeting and hopefully even his Dad.

Herb Cox, a music DooWop legend is on board too! He was the guiding light of the very successful PBS specials on DooWop.

Eddie Ray, the first African American VP of Capitol Records and current Executive Director of the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame is on board! The guiding light of the famous annual tribute to Dirty Dancing at Lake Lure, NC is coming to next meeting and wants to play a major role in Hall development and marketing.

Speaking of marketing, another former Coke USA executive Ron Coleman is on board. Ron is also a Silver Buffalo, which is the highest honor you can receive as a Boy Scout. His class of Buffaloes included Bill Gates!

And the list of supporters grows every day!


Hugh Simpson
Ron Rich